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International Students

Welcome to the Careers & Employability service at the University of Lincoln. We are dedicated to ensuring that you make the most of your time at Lincoln to gain the skills that you will need to land a good graduate position. We have specialist resources available which have been targeted specifically for the needs of our International students including a dedicated Careers Adviser. We hope you will make the most of this service.

This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

The Careers Team are here to help you prepare focussed applications, relevant to the jobs you are interested in. Check CVs and applications for accuracy of English language (spelling and grammar etc.) and offer specific advice whether you are looking to stay in the UK or Returning home to work. Our Careers Adviser for International Students is there to give you guidance and support with your career decisions and enquiries throughout your time at the University.

Career Development Workshops:

These workshops are written with our international students in mind, they take place twice a month on a Wednesday in the library and include:

  • Understanding the UK graduate job market
  • Returning home to work
  • Getting a part-time job while you study
  • Working in the UK visa options after graduation

To sign on to the workshops or for further information – Click here and select the 'Global' tab.


Going Global

Whether you are looking to stay in the UK or international GoinGlobal can help:
Find International Jobs and Internships!
*Country Profiles
*Career news
*Updated Daily

Available on your Blackboard site.

Link to Erasmus here


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Get involved and improve your career prospects...

While you are here at the University of Lincoln there are lots of opportunities to develop your employability including getting a part time job while you study, volunteering opportunities, joining societies and for taking part in the Lincoln Award, see below for all opportunities:


International Information for UK students

As a globally focussed University, the University of Lincoln Careers & Employability team are aware of the opportunities and benefit to be gained from working internationally. Many employers look for students to have an increased awareness and understanding of working in a global environment, as such engaging in international activity whilst at university is essential to meet these employer requirements.

There are many opportunities whilst at Lincoln to engage in International activity while you study. This can be through engaging with international students on your course, learning a language or taking part in a mentoring scheme that helps international students

  • Language courses
  • Cultural days
  • Mentoring scheme

Working and studying abroad

There are multiple opportunities to gain international experience and acquire the experience you need to become globally-employable graduates.



For more information on any of the above of for specific international help contact: Judy Turner Careers Adviser International –

Although we will try to deal with all of your queries, we cannot: Provide advice on immigration and work permits, you might find the recommended websites useful in giving background information. The University’s Advice Service can help you with these matters and you can contact them at