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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Lincoln Connect

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What is Lincoln Connect?

Lincoln Connect is the University of Lincoln’s exclusive online community, connecting students with alumni and employers to seek career support, advice, and industry insights.

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Lincoln Connect is a great opportunity for you to give back, get involved and stay connected with our diverse and talented community. 

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I am a Student – what’s in it for me?

Lincoln Connect makes it easy for students like you to get in touch with alumni and employers to seek advice and information about their industries.

You can connect as and when you need advice, or take part in more formal mentorship programmes.

Finding a mentor through Lincoln Connect can help you:

  • explore your options for the future
  • gain an insight into careers options in different sectors
  • develop your communications skills
  • grow professional relationships
  • increase your confidence when networking and making new contacts
  • learn from recent graduates who share your Lincoln experiences

Finding a mentor is a great way to discover how graduates and professionals made their way into work after leaving University, what challenges they may have faced and what they’ve learned over their career so far.

Our Lincoln Connect Student Guide has more information on how to get started.

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I’m an Alumni or an Employer – why should I join?

Lincoln Connect is an informal mentoring platform. You can use Lincoln Connect to become a mentor to current University of Lincoln students and pass on your knowledge and experience of your industry to the next generation of graduates.

Students can ask for advice on an ad hoc basis or enrol in formal mentoring programmes. As a mentor you can make the platform work around your schedule. Formal programmes are discretionary so if your time is limited, you can offer your help when it suits you.

You can also share insights, resources or career highlights on the platform’s main feed or in dedicated groups, so students can benefit from your knowledge at any time.

Mentorship allows you to:

  • support talented individuals to achieve their goals
  • add an extra specialism to your own CV
  • use new skills within your current role and organisation
  • give back to your University

We hope that mentoring a student through Lincoln Connect will be just as beneficial to you as it is to our students, and may give you an idea of the bright new talent coming out of the University of Lincoln and into the job market.

Take a look at our Lincoln Connect Mentor Guide for more information.

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Information for Academics

Lincoln Connect is a new mentoring platform which provides a space for students to seek help and advice from graduates working in a variety of industries. Lincoln Connect may be particularly helpful for students who might prefer to start building their networking skills remotely.

Mentoring can help students:

  • explore their options for the future
  • gain insights into different roles and industries
  • develop their communications skills and grow their professional network
  • increase their confidence


Please join on the platform to share your insights and encourage students to connect with a mentor.