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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.


“Are internships something you do while you’re still a student?”

Some opportunities are aimed at students… and the Careers & Employability Service can help you gain funding though our Santander partnership to support work experience opportunities whilst in your final year of studies. Funding is offered for part time or full time roles and aims to support unpaid work experience opportunities. This funding is limited and released annually, please contact us to find out more.

But many roles are aimed at graduates who have just completed a course at university and ready to make the move into the world of work.

The University of Lincoln partners with companies to offer many graduate internships. If you want to work for a particular company, you may be eligible for a funded internship with the support of the Careers & Employability team. Come into the Careers Centre or contact us to explore further.

students having a meeting

“Why should I do an internship?”

Employers want to recruit graduates who have real-world work experience and the benefits of completing an internship whilst you are a student or new graduate can be varied and include:

  • Exploring a career path
  • Giving yourself an edge in the job market
  • Developing and refining skills
  • Networking with professionals in the field
  • Gaining confidence
  • Transition into a job

Internships are a great way to develop your work place skills. University provides you with skills such as keeping to deadlines, research and analytical skills, but internships allow you to develop commercial awareness about the industry you want to work in.

“What does it involve?”

You’ll be working as if you are a regular employee and you will be working at a graduate level in a specific role at the company or organisation.

You can take advantage of having the chance to make professional connections and gain extra guidance.

You’ll gain hands-on experience in a set time frame to boost your career prospects.


“Where do I look for an internship?”

All student and graduate internship roles are advertised on our CareerLinc job site, login, update your contact details and set up job alerts tailored for your search.

Alternatively get in contact with companies who interest you, explore and ask them directly if they could offer you any opportunities – employers can look through information sheets to find out more or ask them to contact the team.

“Do graduates recommend it?”

Here’s some insights from University of Lincoln alumni:

Shey Osibowale, Account Executive, Shooting Star PR – ‘It’s a great way to get experience – it’s also a great way to get your foot in the door, gets you knowing people in the industry you’re trying to get into.’

Guy Holwell, Environment Health & Safety Officer, Longhurst Group – ‘An internship gave me the extra help and support I needed to get a grasp on the world of work’

Jo Graham, Digital Media Developer, Mortons Media Group – ‘It’s thanks to my internship that I have such a fantastic job today!’

Find internship opportunities on CareerLinc, or for support and advice from the team, please contact us.