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Want Support with Job Applications?

Wanting support with your job applications now that application season is approaching? Whether that’s CV or interview support, don’t worry we’re here to support you all the way!

Heard of our Interview and CV Review Tool?

If your wanting to improve both your CV and interview skills, why not try our Review Tools? Our CV Review Tool provides you with instant detailed feedback on your CV so you’ll know how to improve it further! It uses AI technology to read through your CV, like many companies use Applicant Tracking System which is a similar system, so you’ll gain insight into what employers are looking for. You’ll be scored out of 100 so you’ll get a full report on what you’ve done well and what else could be improved. Once you receive a score of 70 or above, you’re able to book a careers clinic appointment if you want more personalised feedback and support.

So why not start improving your CV today to increase the chance of you securing an interview for your dream job?! The tool is free, easy and quick to use! Start today by clicking here.  

Wondering how our Interview Review Tool works?

Our Interview Review Tool allows you to practice your interview skills and then receive instant feedback, so you know how to further improve your performance. Our Interview Review Tool will ask you questions based off your CV so that the interview is tailored to you. There’s no better way to strengthen your interview skills than practicing with mock interviews so start today by clicking here!