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Virtual Internships. A current student’s experience…

Have you considered a Virtual Internship? Virtual Internships are fantastic way to enhance your experience and build your skills, all from the comfort of your own home.

Current student Molly Fitzpatrick recently completed The Legal Cheek Virtual Vacation Scheme 2020, and shares her experience of a virtual internship.


I really enjoyed the virtual internship. Each day there were two to three talks each lasting about an hour, with a panel of three to five individuals from a variety of fields, chaired by a member of the Legal Cheek team. They all spoke about their subjects, the work they did, and how COVID-19 had impacted it, and this was followed by a Q&A at the end of each talk.

Molly Fitzpatrick, a second year Law and Criminology Student, recently completed a virtual internship

I was able to hear from such a diverse range of lawyers and the topics covered were all extremely relevant. I never would have been able to hear from so many people like that in one week if it had not been in a virtual setting. This was a huge benefit. I have been able to expand my network and connect with them on LinkedIn too.

Additionally, each day there was a chance to network with other students on the course 1:1 for 3 minutes (in a sort of speed dating style). Personally I did struggle with this aspect and it took a few days before I was able to engage in this properly, but once I did, it really was valuable and helped to build up my webcam confidence, which I imagine is going to become more needed as a result of COVID-19. There were over 2000 students present at times!

“I formed friendships with law students all over the country through WhatsApp chats we created”

 The experience was really well organised… the speakers could turn the students video and microphones on and off when needed so the learning was able to run smoothly, with adequate contributions from us when necessary.

    I have also formed some friendships with law students from all over the country through WhatsApp chats we created, and bought new books and textbooks on areas of law that I had not really considered before. I’ve got even more reading to do now, and a lot to think about!

So overall, a really enjoyable experience and it was amazingly well put together to help students in a time when everyone is concerned about the future.

There are many opportunities to take part in virtual internships. Bright Network are currently advertising virtual internship experiences across industries- these close soon, so do apply as soon as possible. Other virtual internship opportunities can be found via #IsolationIntern; a new site dedicated to providing paid remote internship opportunities to students and graduates. 

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