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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Lincoln Award STEM Ambassador

The Lincoln Award STEM Ambassador pathway is a new scheme co-ordinated by Careers & Employability in partnership with the National STEM Learning Network.

This is a unique opportunity to gain experience as a STEM Ambassador within one or more local schools.  You will also benefit from sessions delivered by senior STEM Ambassadors who will share their experience, career stories and provide inspiration and support.  Careers & Employability will support you throughout to reflect on your experience and ensure you are confident in identifying and communicating the skills you have developed.  This opportunity will provide you with some great experience, skills development and increase your confidence in applying for future job roles.

How to Apply?

Applications for 2022 are now closed. Information including the closing application date for 2023 will be released soon.


See the Lincoln Award STEM Ambassador structure below. Click the button below to see an accessible, printable pdf version of the structure. Lincoln Award STEM Ambassador Structure - PDF

Award Structure

Activity Information

At Induction you will be shown your digital pathway on CareerLinc, this is where you provide evidence of your activities and can monitor your progress throughout the award.

You can see more about each section of the Lincoln Award via the drop downs below.


This first section of the Lincoln Award is all about exploring your skills, strengths, motivations, and career options.

Step 1: Complete the 2 activities below

Skills Assessment

Log-in using your University email address.
This activity will take you 20-30 minutes and support you to reflect on your current skillset and identify areas you would like to develop. Job Match Strengths Profile

Register for an account to complete your profile.
Prospects are a national organisation who work with university careers services to provide students and graduates with a wealth of information on career options, the labour market and recruitment practices.

Step 2: Complete your Skills Map

Skills Map

Step 3: Submit your Skills Map on your Lincoln Award digital pathway

Digital Pathway

Log-in to CareerLinc using your University username and password. Click on “Pathways” at the top menu bar and your Lincoln Award pathway will show as available. Click “Preview” to see full details and then “Start Now”. Once on your pathway simply click on the Skills Map activity icon to upload and submit.

If after completing these activities, you would like further support with your career ideas, please book a guidance appointment here; Careers Guidance Appointment


In order to complete the Lincoln Award Develop section, you will need to have completed 50 hours of Experience Activity as a STEM Ambassador and achieved 30 points in total from the Employability Activity options.  20 points will be made up of the STEM Inspiration sessions and the other 10 points can be made up of activities of your choice.

Experience Activity:

For this section you will volunteer for at least 50 hours as a STEM Ambassador within one or more local school- this will be arranged for you by the STEM Ambassador Hub.  You will receive full training before getting started.

STEM Ambassadors make an impact by: 

  • Supporting learning – help young people to understand the real world applications of their learning
  • Illuminating careers – showcase different careers, providing information on roles and pathways into industry while raising awareness of the skills that are important in the workplace.
  • Raising aspirations – give young people the opportunity to meet a wide range of inspiring role models, encouraging them as they think about their future.

Full details about STEM Ambassadors can be seen by clicking here.

Employability Activities:

20 points STEM Ambassador Training and Inspiration sessions

You will attend at least 3 STEM Ambassador Inspiration sessions throughout the scheme.  Sessions will run throughout term time and will be delivered by a variety of speakers.

For your remaining Develop Employability Activities you can choose from a wide variety of activities- you can see some options below.

10 Point Activities

  • Interview Review Tool – this is a great tool to develop your interview skills. Try out as many interviews as you like and receive feedback. Evidence this by uploading a screen shot of your feedback on your digital pathway.


  • Strengths Profile Course – this consists of taking a Strengths Profile and attending a workshop to understand and explore your results. Look out for this opportunity which will be bookable on our events calendar.
    Events Calendar

  • 1 hour project – a great opportunity for students from underrepresented backgrounds to be matched with an industry expert who will share insights in to their profession and offer top tips during  a 1 hour conversation.

5 point Activities

  • Careers & Employability Workshops– a whole range of workshops are facilitated on a daily basis and covering whole range of topics from skills development to career routes. You can see these on your digital pathway and the first one can be booked there.  For further sessions (attend as many as you like for 5 points each) please evidence on the additional 5 points sections by providing a screen shot of your marked attendance.  All events are bookable via our calendar.Events Calendar
  • Employer or Industry events- Careers & Employability host local, national, and global employers throughout term time, this is an amazing opportunity to hear from employers directly about their opportunities and expectations from candidates. These can be found on our calendar. You can also use an employer event attended through your school or independently.Events Calendar
  • Careers On Demand– Did you know if you miss an event you can watch the recording and this can also count towards your Lincoln Award? You must watch at least 30 minutes of a session to count this activity- please submit details on your digital pathway and we will verify this for you. Click here to watch past Employer Events and recorded Careers & Employability Workshops can be found here.
  • Online Learning- 30 minutes of online learning and a completed reflection sheet is a 5 point Develop- Employability Skills Activity. We have 8 LinkedIn Learning Pathways based on our Skills Assessment.  Alternatively, you can pick from any of our other recommended courses or find your own.  Full details and the reflection sheet can be found here.
  • British Sign Language– online courses are available here for only a small donation. 
  • For students on the Lincoln Award there are also many skills sessions which support you to develop practical skills such as first aid or sign language. You will be updated regularly on all events throughout your time on the award.
  • You can also use any training you might be doing for a 5-point activity- this could be as required for your job or volunteering role e.g. health & safety or food hygiene. If you would like to check eligibility of an activity simply submit it on your pathway or contact us via email. 
  • Lincoln Connect– Would you like to gain valuable insight and make connections with those established in careers you aspire to?  Join Lincoln Connect and start building relationships.  Use the reflection sheet to use this for a 5 point Activity.
    Lincoln Connect Reflection Sheet


This is the final stage of the Lincoln Award and focusses your development so far on the recruitment process.  You need to complete all the elements below and pass the Assessment Centre to complete the award.

CV Review Tool

Put your CV through our online CV Review Tool. This tool uses AI technology to read your CV and provide instant feedback.  Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which apply this technology.

We recommend you keep working on the feedback suggestions until you achieve a score of above 70. To evidence please upload a screenshot of your feedback on your digital pathway.

To get started please log-in here using your University username and password; CV Review Tool sign in.

Skills Assessment Review

You will return to your Skills Assessment before completing the session below- further details will be sent to you.

Communicating Skills to Employers

This recorded session will allow you to reflect on your journey so far, the skills you have developed and career ideas you have formed.  Self-directed activities will support you to develop your confidence applying your skills to any recruitment process. Click here to watch. 

Preparing for the Assessment Centre

This 1-hour long group session will prepare you for the Assessment Centre Experience.  It will focus on how to approach activities and provide suggestions and tips for maximising your score.  This is a live session, and you can book this through your digital pathway.

Assessment Centre Experience

To complete the Lincoln Award, you must meet the pass criteria at one of our assessment centres.  We provide assessment centres throughout the year, so you won’t ever have too long to wait when you are ready to finish. Each of our Assessment Centres is partnered with an employer to ensure you have the most realistic experience.  You can see more details on our assessment centres here: 

Assessment Centre Experience

STEM Ambassador Hub East Midlands