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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

How to Complete the Lincoln Award Global

Click the relevant sections below for more information on how to complete each step of the Lincoln Award Global. 


The first section of the Lincoln Award Global is all about exploring your skills, strengths, motivations, and career options. 

Step 1: Complete the two activities below –

Skills Assessment

  • Log in using your University email address.
  • This activity will take you 20-30 minutes and support you to reflect on your current skillset and identify areas you’d like to develop.

Job Match Strengths Profile

  • Register for an account to complete your profile.
  • Prospects are a national organisation who work with university careers services to provide students and graduates with a wealth of information on career options, the labour market and recruitment practices.

Step 2: Complete your Skills Map

Skills Map

Step 3: Submit your Skills Map on your Lincoln Award Global digital pathway

  • Log in to CareerLinc using your University username and password. Click on “Pathways” at the top menu bar and your Lincoln Award Global pathway will show as available. Click “Preview” to see full details and then “Start Now”. Once on your pathway, simply click on the Skills Map activity icon to upload and submit.

Step 4: Continue onto the Develop section of the Lincoln Award Global

  • From your Skills Map you will have a clear idea of the activities you would like to complete to develop your experience and skills. See below for more inspiration on the kinds of activities you can complete in the next stage of your Lincoln Award Global.


In order to complete the Lincoln Award Global Develop section, you will need to have completed 40 hours of Experience Activity and achieved 30 points in total from the Employability Activity options.

Recording Your Evidence

  • To complete your Develop-Experience activity simply submit some evidence on your digital pathway on CareerLinc. This can be a payslip, volunteer log, email confirmation or any other form of evidence.
  • To complete your Develop- Employability Activity section you will have the option to submit however much evidence required for the different activities you have chosen.
  • Once you have completed both elements of the Develop section you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences. This will allow you to identify the skills you have developed and check back with the action plan from your Skills Map. Once you have completed this, you will be ready to go on to the Apply section to complete the award.

Experience Activities

All hours must come from one type of activity, for example: part time work, volunteering, or work experience. However, once you have chosen the type of activity you can use multiple activities to make up your hours.

For example; if you have chosen volunteering as the type of activity you could use 20 hours of volunteering with Oxfam and 20 hours of volunteering as a committee member of a society.
You cannot mix the type of activity; you could not use 20 hours of part-time work and then 20 hours of volunteering.

This does not have o be in an international setting, but you will be reflecting on how you have developed global skills in this role.

Employability Activities

The Lincoln Award Global emphasises the need to understand and develop intercultural skills and a global mind-set. Where possible, explore activities within your course and outside of your course that feature these global themes. We work closely with academics to inform you of recommended and approved activities which are happening around the University. These include employability modules, employer presentations, guest lectures, alumni events and many more. For example; Global Graduates – a lecture delivered to LIBS students as part of the core C&E module.

Global Workshops will run throughout the year and will cover information specific to international students, and UK home students. Topics include:

  • Why not go abroad? Understanding how to get started working and studying overseas
  • Preparing for work in the UK (for International students)
  • Making the most of your time in the UK (for International students)

See the Global Workshops that are organised by us on our events calendar, by following the link below. Events Calendar

The Global Opportunities Team, English Language Centre and the SU also run specific events, advertised on their websites. Every week there are also employer presentations from a wide variety of local, national and global contacts. To book, please go to our Events page.

Examples of activities that you can put towards this element of the award are:

  • Training to be an international student ambassador
  • Attending an International Student Association committee meeting
  • Attending an event on campus with a global theme
  • Language courses
  • Peer mentoring between international and home students (at least three interactions with your mentor/mentee – ask the Careers Adviser International for more information)
  • Community event in Lincoln or around the UK
  • Attend an international careers fair
  • LinkedIn Learning course on a global theme

You can also have activities you organise yourself verified; you will receive advice on this at induction.


This is the final stage of the Lincoln Award Global and focusses your development so far on the recruitment process. You need to complete all the elements below and pass the Assessment Centre to complete the award. 

CV Review Tool

Put your CV through our CV Review Tool. This tool uses AI technology to read your CV as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) commonly used by employers would. 

We suggest you keep working on the suggestions until you achieve a score of above 70. To evidence, please upload a screenshot of your feedback on your digital pathway. 

To get started, log in here using your University username and password.

Skills Assessment Review

You will return to your Skills Assessment before completing the session below. Further details will be sent to you. 

Preparing for the Assessment Centre

This 1-hour long group session will prepare you for the Assessment Centre Experience.  It will focus on how to approach activities and provide suggestions and tips for maximising your score.  This is a live session, and you can book this through your digital pathway

Assessment Centre Experience

To complete the Lincoln Award Global, you must meet the pass criteria at one of our Assessment Centres. We provide Assessment Centres throughout the year so you won’t ever have too long to wait when you are ready to finish. Each of our Assessment Centres is partnered with an employer to ensure you have the most realistic experience. You can see more details on our Assessment Centres here:

Assessment Centre Experience