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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Activity Information

Pathway Assessment

This is the stage where you think about where you are currently and what skills and experiences you would like to develop. At Induction the Adviser will support you to think about your options and provide you with details of relevant activities. You will also be introduced to the Careers & Employability Online Skills Assessment; after Induction this will be your first activity on the award. Completing this will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Your results will help you to decide which activities you may like to take up on the award.

Start the Online Skills Assessment

Pathway Reflection

The Pathway Reflection is part of the final stage of the Lincoln Award. This stage should be completed before the Assessment Centre Experience. It is important that when you have completed all of your activities you come to a Lincoln Award drop-in with your completed evidence booklet to book this appointment.

A Pathway Reflection is a 60 minute group session.  When you book onto this session you will be sent some preparation to do- this is not time consuming but it is vital you complete this before the session.  When you arrive you will be supported to complete a follow up Skills Assessment to review your progress and identify further areas for development.  The rest of the session is to prepare you for the Assessment Centre Experience.  Using video, information and group activities we will support you in how to demonstrate your skills to employers.  This session will help prepare you for graduate recruitment; focusing on interviews and assessment centres.


In order to complete the Lincoln Award you will need to have completed 40 hours of Extra Curricular Activity, 2 Chosen activities and 3 Course Related Activities.

If you have any suggestions of activities that you think would benefit students taking part in the Lincoln Award please let us know the details of these activities and we can explore their potential. You will need to provide evidence of your activities in this booklet. You can do this in two ways:

  • You can ask the relevant person to sign the appropriate area of your booklet to confirm that you took part in the Activity. For example, ask your employer to sign that you have completed 40 or more hours or work.


  • You can evidence your actvities by bringing the relevant documentation to a member of the Lincoln Award team and they will sign your booklet. For example, bring in an email from your employer confirming that you have worked 40 hours or more to have your Extra Curricular Activity signed off.

Extra-curricular activity

All hours must come from one type of activity, e.g. part time work, volunteering or work experience.  However once you have chosen the type of activity you can use multiple activities to make up your hours.  For example if you have chosen volunteering as the type of activity you could use 20 hours of volunteering with Oxfam and 20 hours of volunteering as a committee member of a society.  However you cannot mix the type of activity e.g. you could not use 20 hours of part time work and then 20 hours of volunteering.

Chosen Activities

Chosen Activities are relevant to all students and may not relate directly to your subject area or chosen career field. All Careers and Employability events are counted as one chosen activity (unless marked otherwise). Careers and Employability facilitate workshops on a daily basis to support you with a range of employability development including; CVs, Networking, Social Media and many more. Every week there are also employer presentations from a wide variety of local, national and global contacts. To see the full timetable of events and to book please go to our Events page.

For students on the Lincoln Award there are also Skills Sessions which support you to develop practical skills such as first aid or sign language. You will be updated regularly on all events throughout your time on the award. You can also have activities you organise yourself verified; you will receive advice on this at induction.

Course Related Activities

Course Related Activities are those associated with your school of study. We work closely with academics to inform you of recommended and approved activities which are happening within your school.  These include employability modules, employers presentations, guest lectures, alumni events and many more.  The Careers and Employability team also organise Course Related Activities throughout the year.  You will be informed of the Course Related Activities for your school at your Pathway Assessment and we will keep you updated regularly on all events throughout your time on the award.

Assessment Centre Experience

The final stage of your Lincoln Award. Read our information about this experience to learn more.

Booking Terms and Conditions

If you need to cancel your place on any of our activities, you must give us at least 2 working days’ notice (unless in an emergency). Our working days are Monday to Friday.

Please be aware that for any activities that carry a booking deposit or fee such as Sign Language or First Aid, we cannot guarantee that you will be refunded if you cancel your place after placing the deposit or fee.

If we are able to reallocate your place, you will be contacted via email in regards to the instructions for collecting your refund.

If you have any questions regarding our booking terms and conditions, please contact us on or alternatively visit the Careers and Employability Centre.