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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Campus Jobs FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we receive at Campus Jobs. If your query is not answered below, please e-mail Campus Jobs via the button below with your query and a member of the team will respond within 3 working days.Email Campus Jobs

What is a Right to Work check?

A right to work check is a legal requirement that all employers carry out on all employees to ensure they can work in the UK.

Only certain ID can be accepted for a Right to Work check and original ID must be seen.

Campus Jobs ID checklist | Government checklist

Working restrictions for Tier 4 visa students - Term time vs Vacation

  • Term time for Undergraduate students is generally September until the beginning of June and the end of term each academic year is the Friday of the last week of the scheduled examination period. Vacation (Holiday) dates can be found on the University website.
  • Term time for Masters students is all year around with the exception of the scheduled Christmas and Easter vacations (which can be found on the University website). There is no scheduled vacation for masters students during the summer months and therefore working restrictions will apply during this time.
  • Term time for Postgraduate students is all year round, their end of term date is the date they submit their last piece of work (PhD students fall into this category, needs to be awarded not just finished to be able to work more hours)
  • Postgraduate Research (PGR) students have a total of 35 days of leave across the year. Of these 35 days, 14 are concessionary days set by the University and are based on University closure days. PGR students can request to have the remaining 21 days at any point across the year and, if approved and recorded by the School, these periods are then classed as vacation time.

The International Advice team is part of the Advice Service and are the only people within the University of Lincoln who can legally provide immigration advice.

Should you have any queries, the team are located in the Student Support Centre on the ground floor of the Minerva Building and have a drop-in session every Tuesday between 12noon and 2pm. Alternatively you can e-mail the team via the button below.  Email the International Advice Team Information on the kind of work you can do

How do I apply for a National Insurance number (NINo)

Once a UK citizen reaches 16, they will be sent confirmation of their NINo that is automatically set up from HM Revenue & Customs.

Should you need to apply for a National Insurance Number, please refer to our National Insurance Number help sheet.National Insurance Number Help Sheet

Where can I find my National Insurance number (NINo)

If you have a NINo and need a reminder of it, this can be sourced from one of the following:

  • Wage Slip
  • P45
  • P60
  • National Insurance Card
  • An official letter or document from a government agency e.g. HM Revenue and Customs, Department for Work and Pensions, or the Social Security Agency in Northern Ireland) or previous employer.

If you need evidence of your NINo for a Right to Work check, apart from a wage slip, any of the above originals will be acceptable.

If you are unable to source any of these, and providing you know your NINo, access the Government website link via the button below, select Personal tax account and once registered, you can print a letter to provide evidence of your National Insurance number. Government Website

I need log-in details for Greenlight, how do I get these?

This is discussed at registration sessions and confirmed in a registration confirmation e-mail sent to all students who have completed the Campus Jobs registration process and been set up on the payroll system.

You will receive 2 Greenlight system generated e-mails from to your University student e-mail account and a welcome e-mail from payroll with instructions on how to submit a timesheet.

Before you can submit your first timesheet, you will need to follow the instructions in the e-mails to finalise the setup of your Greenlight account.

I have submitted a timesheet on Greenlight and have not been paid.

Once submitted, you can check the progress of any timesheets on Greenlight. The date of submission will depend on whether it has time to be approved for the next available pay run.

If you have not been paid within 3 weeks of submitting a timesheet, please e-mail us via the button below with the 5 digit reference number of the timesheet(s) so a member of the team can look into the query for you.Email Campus Jobs

What do the different terms used on Greenlight mean?

  • Student Claim Form: is the icon to be selected when you need to submit a timesheet
  • My Submitted Claims: is the icon to be selected to track the progress of any claims you have submitted.
  • My Expenses: is where you have been given authorisation by a Hiring Manager to submit a claim for expenses such as food & travel.

Although I am registered with Campus Jobs, I have not been informed of any work assignments, how do I find out about these?

Students are recruited to pools of student workers, such as School Ambassadors, Catering, Library etc., each pool has a Hiring Manager and it is the responsibility of each Hiring Manager to contact students in their pool with offers of work assignments.

If you do not know who your Hiring Manager is, please e-mail us via the button below and a member of the team will be more than happy to confirm who this is. Email Campus Jobs

What is the full Campus Jobs process?

See a breakdown of our full process on our Campus Jobs flowchart. Student Recruitment Flowchart

What is the payroll process?

See a breakdown of the full pay claim process on our flowchart via the button. Student Pay Claim Flowchart

Here is a timeline of the cycle:

  1. Submit your timesheet post-assignment. Greenlight will send an email notification to Campus Jobs.
  2. Campus Jobs will reconcile timesheets, queries, discrepancies and approve your timesheet. Greenlight will sent an email to your and your Approving Manager.
  3. Your Approving Manager will approve the timesheet. Greenlight will send you a notification.
  4. Payslips will be available on MyView in advance of your payday.
  5. You will be paid on the next available weekly pay run.
  6. Cycle begins again from step one.

Where can I read more?

Download our Students' Guide to read more. Download our Student's Guide

I have a complaint,what should I do?

Where a student has a concern relating to Campus Jobs, the member of staff they have carried out a work assignment for, or vice versa, Campus Jobs should be notified as soon as possible.  A member of the team will meet with all parties concerned for an informal information gathering meeting.  Where concerns remain following the meeting, students should follow the University Student Complaints Procedure. Student Complaints Procedure

What is the difference between Greenlight and MyView?

Greenlight: Also known as ‘sel-expenses,’ is the online pay claim system, where you can submit and check pay claims for shifts you have worked.
MyView: Where students access pay slips, P60’s and update personal details. The icon should appear on your student desktop when logged on to a PC on Campus. Your log-in details are the same as you would use for Blackboard. If the icon is not on your desktop, you will need to e-mail the ICT Help desk and they will sort this for you.

Who should I contact if my pay is incorrect?

If you believe your pay is incorrect, please contact the Payroll department via email at quoting the five digit reference number from your claim form.Email Payroll

Am I a Tier 4 student?

A Tier 4 student is a student who has Overseas status and is studying in the UK on a specific visa. If this doesn’t apply to you, please remember to select ‘No’ when submitting your pay claims on Greenlight.

What is the difference between a hiring and approving manager?

The hiring manager is the name given to any member of staff at the university who recruits student workers. The approving manager is the person who approves student worker pay claims.

Who is my approving manager?

Your approving manager will depend on the department and role you have specifically been recruited to. If you are a School or Student Ambassador, please ask the member of staff who offered you that shift. If you are not a School or Student Ambassador, although you would have received an email from Campus Jobs confirming this when you were recruited, please email us for confirmation.Email Campus Jobs