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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Horizons: Postgraduate Employability Programme

Welcome to the Horizons Pathway,  a skills and employability development programme designed to provide our postgraduate students with an opportunity to enhance your future career prospects by developing knowledge as well as a range of skills and strategies. 

Horizons was created to respond to the growing needs of a changing landscape for 21st century employability skills and has been designed around three important employability themes: 

  • Exploring key skills, self-awareness and personal impact 
  • Developing professional knowledge and networks  
  • Steps to success in the graduate labour market  

The Horizons pathway compliments your postgraduate study and we strongly encourage you to take part as we believe that this will provide added value to your studies. Participating in the programme will give you a valuable insight into the skills and attributes required in the modern workplace and more importantly, will provide a foundation for future applications for employment and/or further study.  

As a participant of the Horizons Pathway, you will engage with several intra and extracurricular activities and resources.  These activities and resources are provided in three interrelated strands of activity known as Deepening HorizonsExtending Horizons and Exploring Horizons.  You should engage with the activities provided in these three ‘Horizon’ strands and work through the assessment criteria. 

To complete the programme will require you to submit a portfolio of evidence which shows that you have engaged with the pathway and have met the intended learning outcomes.  Successful completion of the pathway will be recognised by the award of a certificate.   

How to get started

As a postgraduate taught student you will have access to the Horizons Blackboard site where you will find all the guidance and information needed to start your journey. To access this, just log into blackboard and you’ll be auto enrolled on the site as a Masters student. Horizons will be on your sites list. 

The Careers and Employability team have prepared a range of activities and workshops for the ‘Exploring Horizons’ strand.  These have been grouped under the 3 themes and you can find further information below.

Good luck and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Careers and Employability Team or ask your personal tutor.

Email the Careers and Employability Team

Exploring Key Skills, Self-Awareness and Personal Impact 

  • In this section you will find information on developing and articulating your employability skills. We will offer you an insight into the employability skills that really matter to employers and encourage you to reflect on your skills development.
  • We will use modern and traditional theories of Career practice to support you in generating bespoke careers ideas suited to you. We will also offer information on different decision-making strategies to support you to take the next step.

Developing Professional Knowledge and Networks

  • In this section we offer you a range of sessions to help you develop your knowledge about career options for you. You can explore a career in academia where you will hear about the experiences of our Academic colleagues at the University of Lincoln. 
  • If Higher Education is an industry you would like to work in, but academia is not your preferred career choice, this section will help you discover further options in HE.
  • We offer you information on further study, including specialist routes for areas such as law and teaching through to accessing funding if you would like to study for a PhD.
  • If you have ever considered working for yourself there is a session on self-employment which provides information on the support the University of Lincoln can offer.
  • You can find out more information about traditional routes into the graduate labour market such as graduate schemes and graduate jobs.
  • Networking is an important part of your career development and there is a session to help you to explore and maximise your networks.

Steps to Success in the Graduate Labour Market

  • In this section you will find sessions to further support your understanding of the graduate labour market including how your skill set can help you stand out.
  • There will be a session on the importance of lifelong learning and skill development even after you have decided on your career of choice.
  • You will also find practical sessions to help you to master the recruitment process.

Your Careers and Employability Service

The University’s Careers and Employability team are graduate labour market experts and we have access to a network of key contacts in a wide range of industries.  We work with our contacts to deliver a range of activities to support your career planning and aid your decision making. 

Starting in semester A, our ‘How to get a Graduate Job with… series’ features bespoke talks from the UK 300 top graduate recruiters such as the BBC, Google and GSK prepared specifically for University of Lincoln students and graduates.

Throughout Semester B we turn our attention to industry specialist events.  We host large, medium and small businesses both virtually and on campus who deliver a range of talks and provide a plethora of useful information on careers in industries.  Keep visiting our events page, via the button below, for more information. Events Calendar

Our work with our key contacts doesn’t stop at talks, we work with them to identify graduate jobs and internships and student placements and work experience opportunities. You can discover more about these opportunities by logging onto your CareerLinc account, or visit the Jobs page of our website for more information, via the button below. Job and Employment Options

The University’s Careers and Employability team are based on the ground floor of the library building and are open five days a week, 9am – 4.30pm.  Our sole aim is to provide University of Lincoln students and graduates with the information, support and methodology needed to pursue a successful career.

 If you would like to discuss your options further or learn more about your Careers and Employability service visit our Services for Students page for more information about all our services. Services for Students