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Guaranteed Interview Scheme for Disabled Students

The Careers & Employability service have made a positive commitment to introduce a Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS) for disabled students applying for the Campus Jobs Central Pool. Through this scheme disabled candidates who complete the application to the best of their ability and who meet the minimum essential criteria for the Campus Jobs Central Pool will be eligible for an interview.

To be invited to an interview under this scheme, candidates should achieve a minimum score of 60% in the essential criteria to be eligible for the guaranteed interview. In setting the essential requirements, care has been taken to ensure disabled candidates will not be disadvantaged.

The scoring criteria is set out below.

  1. No answer given or answer completely irrelevant.  No examples given.
  2. Question answered but no examples/irrelevant examples given.
  3. Some points covered.  Relevant information given.  Some examples given.
  4. Strong answer.  All points addressed.  All points relevant.  Good examples.

If you would like to apply under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme, please indicate this on the relevant section of the application.

Before applying to the Campus Jobs central pool via a guaranteed interview we recommend booking a 1:1 CV & application appointment via our online booking tool.


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