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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Lincoln Award Information for Staff

What is the Lincoln Award?

The Lincoln Award supports students to develop and learn how to demonstrate their employability skills, full details can be found via the button below; Lincoln Award 

As well as taking part in relevant activity, students will be supported to reflect on their experiences and learn how to apply their skills to any part of a recruitment process.  By completion of the award, students will feel confident in their career direction, skills and understanding of the recruitment process.

Award Structure

The award structure is divided into Explore, Develop and Apply to support students to focus on these different elements of essential preparation during their university experience.  You can see more about each element here.

You can see the structure of the Award via the button below. Award Structure 

  • The award is assessed with an Assessment Centre, each one partnered with an employer, providing a realistic experience of the graduate labour market in a safe and supported environment. 
  • It is relevant to students from any degree discipline and provides excellent preparation for all career paths.
  • The Lincoln Award is recognised on the student’s degree transcripts and they also receive a digital badge for their LinkedIn Profile and other platforms.

Please encourage your students to sign up to get started. Feel free to use our video to provide students with an overview of the award.

How do students start and complete the Lincoln Award?

If you refer students to the Lincoln Award, their first step will be to attend an Induction Event; these run several times a week and are bookable online. At the Induction students will receive information about all activities and be shown how to access their Lincoln Award digital pathway.  Induction events are bookable here; Find an induction event 

If you would like your students to be introduced the Lincoln Award in the curriculum, we can facilitate this for you.  The ‘Explore’ section of the award forms part of our Career Readiness Programme which is aimed at Level 1 students.  You can see more information here: Career Readiness Programme

To deliver this in the curriculum we would need a minimum of 3 hours.  As well as early career planning, this would include an introduction to the Lincoln Award Explore section and students would be referred to the specific activities to complete in their own time, and record on their Lincoln Award digital pathway.  Alternatively, you may wish to allow extra time (up to an additional 3 hours) if you would like students to complete the activities within seminars.

We would require the student IDs for all students taking part to ensure their Lincoln Award digital pathway is available to them on CareerLinc.  We would be able to report back on the progress of your students completing the Explore section and continuing on to the rest of the award.

To find out more or to make arrangements please contact the Careers Adviser for your area.  If you have any questions or you are not aware of your lead Adviser, please get in touch via email; Get in touch with a Careers Adviser

Activities in the curriculum

Students may use relevant activity organised through their school towards the Lincoln Award.  This might be activity delivered in the curriculum or additional optional activity.

  • In the Develop-Experience section students need to complete 40 hours. A placement, employer-led project, or other experiential learning within the curriculum is an option for students.  Alternatively, they can complete any of the other options in areas such as, part time work, volunteering and work experience and student enterprise.  For more details, please click here the button below. Develop
  • In the Develop-Employability Activity section students need to achieve 30 points. A taught employability module counts as 20 points.  Many 5-point activities may also be sourced from their school. Examples include employer, industry or alumni led presentation, lecture, or event.
  • If you have an activity you think may be suitable, either within a module or as a standalone event or project, please get in touch and we will be able to advise how many points this would provide. We can also promote this activity to students already on the Lincoln Award and provide you with a visual badge to attach so students are aware of the Lincoln Award points available.

For questions about any aspect of the Lincoln Award please get in touch and we will be happy to help.Get in touch with the Lincoln Award Team