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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Career Readiness Programme

Careers & Employability have developed a Career Readiness Model which helps students to reflect on how prepared they are for life after university. Using the concept of Explore, Develop and Apply students will be able to evaluate their preparedness, identify their next steps and access a range of specifically created resources to support their development. 

career planning model

Our research revealed that students who are given the opportunity to evaluate their career readiness are more inclined to take ownership in seeking out opportunities to support their career development.  As such they are more likely to engage in work experience opportunities aligned to their career choice, get involved in extracurricular activities to support their development and are more likely to have a successful graduate outcome. (ISE, OfS, HEPI, DfE)

In response to our research and in support of the University of Lincoln’s Careers & Employability strategy we have developed a 9-hour Career Readiness Programme, 3 hours per year group which we recommend should be embedded within the curriculum.  The Programme begins at Level 4 and builds on the development of knowledge and skills through Levels 5 and 6 all evidenced through the newly formatted Lincoln Award.

Career Readiness Stages

Explore Students

Students who are in the explore stage usually have little to no career ideas, have limited knowledge of their skills and demonstrate a lack of understanding about graduate labour market.

Develop Students

Students who are in the develop stage have some knowledge of their skills but have limited understanding of how to articulate these. They have some ideas of a career but lack information on how to progress in a particular industry.  This student will have limited networks within their industry of interest or relevant work experience.

Apply Students

Students who are in the apply stage have a career goal in mind but may need further support to access opportunities and articulate their skills, strengths, and attributes during the application process. Support may also be needed to identify perceived barriers preventing progress, including complex barriers such as age, disability, and financial concerns.

Career Readiness Programme Content Outline

Click on the below buttons to see the Career Readiness Programme content outline for each year of study.

Programme for Level 4 Courses – Discover and Decide

Programme for Level 5 Courses– Plan and Focus Programme for Level 6 Courses –Take Action & Succeed


Other sessions we can deliver are listed below under the Explore, Develop and Apply drop down sections. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to request delivery or resources for any sessions. 


  • Introduction to the service 
  • Exploring Occupations – Careers IN, WITH AND FROM the Subject
  • Exploring your Rights – An introduction into employment rights and positive action schemes designed to break down barriers to the graduate labour market.
  • Exploring Going Global
  • Exploring your rights  
  • Introduction to Freelance/Self-employment 


  • Developing Career Resilience
  • Bespoke course level mentoring scheme addressing diversity challenges within a specific sector 
  • Study abroad/ internships abroad 
  • Industry set brief/challenge 
  • Course level industry trip 


  • Employer Apply ‘How to get a graduate with…’ Talks 
  • LinkedIn  
  • CVs and Cover Letters 
  • Creative CVs and Portfolios 
  • Preparing for Interviews  
  • Preparing for an Assessment Centre  
  • Applying for Postgraduate Study  
  • Psychometric Testing 
  • Using the Cappfinity Strengths Profile in the Recruitment Process
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Teacher Training

Contact us to request delivery or resources for your sessions