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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Lincoln Award Bronze

Welcome to the pilot of the new Lincoln Award.  If you are a Level 1 student and studying Psychology, Architecture or English & Journalism you are in the right place!

The Lincoln Award is Careers & Employability’s framework to support students to develop and learn how to demonstrate their employability skills.  We are always adapting the award to make sure you are getting the very best preparation for the graduate labour market.  You are in the fantastic position of trialling our new enhanced structure and by the time you finish the award you will be confident in communicating your skills to any employer!  Lincoln Award Bronze is all online so you can get started anywhere and anytime!

Lincoln Award Bronze Structure

You can see the whole structure above but to get started on the first level, Lincoln Award Bronze you simply need to complete the following 2 activities and present the evidence of these to your personal tutor (or in the Careers Centre);

Careers & Employability Skills Assessmentclick here to complete the assessment- (please note, use Google Chrome browser to open the assessment, rather than Internet Explorer). On completion you and your personal tutor will receive a copy.

When you have completed the Skills Assessment you will be ready to begin your LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning Reflection document– for a total 60 minutes of activity- this can be made up of multiple different videos or courses. Follow this link to find the Reflection document and information on how to complete LinkedIn Learning.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your progress please visit the Careers Centre (ground floor of the Library)- we are open Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm or email;

Next Steps?

Once you have shown your tutor evidence of the activities required for Lincoln Award Bronze they will record this achievement on the personal tutoring system.  You will then be contacted with an invitation to take up Lincoln Award Silver if you wish.  Lincoln Award Silver will involve an Enrolment event (1 hour) where you will receive full information about the next stage of your award. 

Lincoln Award Silver involves participating in various activities to develop your skills ready for the graduate labour market.  There will be support every step of the way from our Advisers to make sure you are getting the experience you need to be successful in achieving your future aspirations.

On the final level of the award, Lincoln Award Gold you will receive expert preparation to support you to face our Lincoln Award Assessment Centre.  This activity may seem daunting but is an amazing opportunity for you to experience an Assessment Centre but in a safe environment and with support and feedback.  Every Lincoln Award Assessment Centre is partnered with an employer so the experience is as real as possible- find out more about our assessment centres here

Why should you complete the Lincoln Award?

Follow the link to find out more about the award and why you should complete it.



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