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Leadership in Action

This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

So you want a graduate job in a managerial role. You’re convinced you’ve got what it takes to be a great leader, but how do you persuade the graduate recruiter reading your CV?

Hiring managers from some of the UK’s largest graduate recruiters, are reporting a skills gap when it comes to University students and graduates. Overall it was found that soft skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork were missing in the new generation of workers. With some hiring managers reporting graduate jobs remaining unfilled due to this skills gap.

This new programme called Leadership in Action, which is part of the Career Booster series, aims to help you bridge that gap and develop your leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

This programme is open to just 30 students and is by application only, in order to be considered you will need to

  • be available for key dates and times which are listed below.
  • Explain in 200 words why you would like to be involved.

If you are successful in your application you will be invited to engage with key senior leadership personnel at the University of Lincoln, where you can learn about their journey into senior management and ask questions.

You will work with a local employer on a project which will help enhance your skill set and provide you with valuable content for your CV.

You will be involved in a unique insight into your own PRINT® this is a profile tool which you will undertake and which aims to help you to recognise what motivates people around you and what leads those people to perform at their best.

The programme is free and will run throughout February ending on March 1st 2018

You will need to be available on:

  • Between 31st January and 5th February 2018 to complete your print profile, this can be completed online at any point before midnight 5th February
  • 8th February 2018 5pm – 7.30pm – Print Workshop
  • You will be required to attend two workshops/talks from the following four dates and times
    • 14th February 2018 2pm – 3pm
    • 15th February 2018 11am – 12pm
    • 22nd February 2018 3pm – 4pm
    • 28th February 2018 3pm – 4pm
  • Weeks commencing 12th and 19th February 2018 – Working with a local employer on a project exact dates and times will be your responsibility to arrange, and are therefore flexible.
  • 26th or 27th February 2018 – To deliver your project results back to the employer – this will be flexible to suit your group
  • 6th March 2018 16.00 – 17.00 – You will attend a further mandatory workshop.

You can apply by sending an email explaining why you would like to take part (no more than 200 words please). You will need to send this to and it needs to reach us on or before 30th January 2018.

Successful applicants will be sent a PRINT profile to complete on 31st January 2018.

An example of the workshops you will attend are:

Boosting your Social Capital:

Ideas and techniques for developing the social networks, confidence and poise that can help secure employment and advancement opportunities with blue-chip employers.

Thinking/Making Decisions under pressure:

This talk will look at how decisions are reached whilst working under extreme pressure. Real life situations will be used to describe how a political situation in spring/summer of 2007 led to the need to make quick decisions which had life changing consequences for those involved.

Opportunities Risks and Career Development

This talk will take you on a journey, examining the careers of one of the Universities Senior Leadership team and discuss how a series of unplanned opportunities led to a very successful career. This talk will aim to demonstrate how it is possible to succeed in your career without necessarily knowing where you will end up.

What is good governance and why is it important?

In this session, the University’s Head of Governance will talk about how she started her career in University administration, the value and effectiveness of good governance and how this shapes the way in which organisations are managed at the highest level.