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Internships – Transcript

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What to do after graduating:


[Image of a Swan in a graduation cap holding some sheets of paper. A line comes out of the paper to some text 'What to do after graduating', indicating the swan is reading this line off the paper. The swan looks confused.]

The swan has a speech bubble: 'Aren't internships something you do while you're still a student?

Text: While some opportunities are still aimed at students...

[A swan types furiously at a laptop with a coffee next to it]

Text: The University of Lincoln partners with companies to offer many graduate internships.

[A swan with a graduation cap stands, shining, with its wings outstretched]

[A swan looks out into the distance to a building labelled 'BizCo']

Text: If you want to work for a particular company, you may be eligible for a funded internship with the support of the Uni's Careers & Employability Team.

What Will I Do?

[A Swan works, typing at a PC]

Text: Mostly, you'll be working as if you are a regular employee and you will be working at a graduate level.

Text: You can take advantage of having the chance to make professional connections and gain extra guidance.

[Three swans sit around a meeting table, discussing something. One is taking notes.]

[A swan in a construction hat lays out a blueprint labelled 'Plans']

Text: You'll gain hands-on experience in a set time frame to boost your career prospects.

Why Do It?

Text: Here's some insights from University of Lincoln alumni

[An image of Shey Osibowale, with a label underneath her stating her name and 'Account Executive, Shooting Star PR'.]

Shey's speech bubble: 'It's a great way to get experience - it's also a great way to get your foot in the door, gets you knowing people in the industry you're trying to get into.'

[An image of Guy Holwell, with a label underneath stating his name and 'Environment Health & Safety Officer, Longhurst Group']

Guy's speech bubble: 'An internship gave me the extra help and support I needed to get a grasp on the world of work'

[An image of Jo Graham, with a label underneath stating her name and 'Digital Media Developer, Mortons Media Group']

Jo's speech bubble: 'It's thanks to my internship that I have such a fantastic job today!'

Text: Hear more about alumni internship experiences.

Where To Look

Text: Check out the Jobs tab on the University of Lincoln Careers & Employability site. Under it, you'll find:

  • How to register or login to our job search
  • Internship listings from companies partnered with the University
  • Information on how to get job alerts from our social media.

[A swan looks at its phone, which has a small globe shape (an internet symbol) emanating from it]

[A swan speaks happily into a phone]

Swan's speech bubble: 'Hi, I'm studying at the University of Lincoln and...'

Text: Get in contact with companies who interest you, and ask them directly if they could offer you any opportunities.

Return to the Internships page to see this in image format and register your interest in internships

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