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Many companies (especially large organisations) will offer placements. These roles could lead you to permanent employment with the company. Even if you do not secure a permanent role, you will leave with experience that will attract other potential employers.

Summer placements can be any length or duration and are directed at providing you with the skills and experience to go forward in a role in your particular career path.

Year-long placements are generally taken after completing the second year of your course and usually last a year. It is important when considering a year-long placement that you discuss your options with a tutor or relevant member of staff before you make any applications.

You can also take part in placements in Europe through Erasumus+ with a Traineeship. These placements are funded and will continue to be for at least two years following Brexit. For more information visit or contact

Exploration of sector specific sites such as the Lincolnshire Talent Academy who manage a wide range of placement opportunities relating to professions within the health and care sector on behalf of its partners, provide a central point of contact for all applications or enquiries.

Sandwich Placements or Professional Practice Year (PYP)

Some courses will require you to spend a year in industry. This is often referred to as a sandwich placement or PYP, usually taking place between your second and final year at University. These industrial placements are commonly found in engineering, science and construction. You will have a personal/placement tutor to help you arrange your year with an employer.


An internship is a fixed period of work experience, offered by an organisation, usually lasting for a fixed, limited period of time. They are typically undertaken by students and graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular field.

Internships can last from a few weeks to a year depending on the sector, employer, and the stage you are at of your studies.

The University offers paid Graduate Internships across different departments every year - ask the Careers & Employability team when and how to prepare for these. The Centre also offer support to local businesses, and can help you learn about these.

Take advantage of work experience fairs to make contact with employers or search for suitable placements online. You can also target employers speculatively to find and arrange work placements.

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Part-Time Work | Work Experience | Volunteering


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