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011 Work Experience

Part-Time Work | Work Experience | Volunteering

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to become involved in something different. It shows you have initiative and commitment which may impress many employers. In fact, volunteering can help with your future career in many ways:

For students wanting a career in areas such as education or with the police, experience in a relevant role is required - volunteering could help you gain this experience. This will be a minimum of a week but in most cases is ten days. As well as meeting the requirement, you find out if the path is for you. Speak to the Careers & Employability Centre about what you will need for your aspirations.

Volunteering abroad

Volunteering abroad can give you global experience that could truly put you onto your career path. Ensure you do your research into any organisations you are thinking about signing up with to ensure you know everything about them. Research experiences from people who have worked with the organisations you find to see if the organisation is legitimate, right for you and right for your goals.

More information

The Students’ Union have a Volunteering team to support you in any volunteering opportunity. They advertise opportunities on campus and in the local area.

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Part-Time Work | Work Experience | Volunteering


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