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STAR Technique

010 Interview Skills

Interview Skills | STAR Technique | Sample Questions

In application forms and in interviews, you will often come across Competency Questions that seek to test your experiences against the requirements of the role. These questions will often start with things like ‘can you tell about a time when...’. To answer these kinds of questions, it’s useful to follow the structure of the STAR technique, which will help you clearly evidence how you meet each skill and requirement the employer wants to hear about.



A Situation will cover a place you were working, a project you were involved in or some sort of challenge that you were faced with. Think through places you have worked, assignments you have worked on at university, or similar.



You might like to think of this step as ‘Target’ instead - within the Situation or challenge you came across, what was required of you? What was your motivation/goal?



What did you do in order to achieve your Task and why? To explain yourself, you might like to outline why you chose this course of action instead of any alternatives that might have presented themselves within the Situation.



What happened as a Result of your Action - did you accomplish your Task? How did it affect the Situation? Regardless of your success, what did you learn? Numbers always impress, so use them if possible (eg. ‘Increased sales by 50%’)

Find different Situations you have faced that you can use to demonstrate your skills, and practice talking through these so you can find a good way to make the STAR technique flow for you. It’s always better to be able to sound natural rather than following a rigid template.

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Interview Skills | STAR Technique | Sample Questions

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