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Research Your Options

001 Research your options

Research your options | Graduate Schemes | Guide to Teaching

While you may have gone into your degree with a specific occupation in mind, all degrees can lead you to a broad spectrum of opportunities. Researching the options available is a great place to start thinking about your own career. You can start a career directly through a standard application process, but it is also worth thinking about your options immediately after graduation that will help you achieve your career aspirations. Such options include:

  • Further Study
  • Graduate Programmes/Schemes
  • Internships
  • Work Experience
  • Travel Abroad

International Options

  • Work internationally
  • Return to your home country to work or take up further study

Finding what suits you

Prospects is a website used by careers services across the UK which offers students and graduates advice and career information for free.

As well as offering insights into what kind of jobs are available in  various sectors, they also have quizzes that can give you some ideas  to start exploring options with your degree. You may disagree or be  confused by the results - simply think of them as a place to start your  research rather than a guide for life.

Remember, you can visit our Careers & Employability Centre to speak with an adviser if you need help exploring your results and options.


Download this helpsheet as a PDF or visit the Careers & Employability Centre to get a copy of Step One: Start Your Career Journey once copies are available.

Research your options | Graduate Schemes | Guide to Teaching

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