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Psychometric Testing

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Attending a Job Interview | Postgraduate Interviews | Assessment Centres | Psychometric Testing

Why am I being tested?

Employers will often use psychometric (‘mind measurement’) tests in application forms and assessment centres to assess aspects of a candidate that that might not be clear to them in a CV, interview or other kind of assessment task. Psychometric tests can look at:

Verbal/numerical skills

These could involve exercises such as word sorting and sequential tests. They will look at your reasoning, logic, and analysis.

Find out more about verbal reasoning tests here and numerical reasoning tests here.

Diagrammatic and spatial reasoning

These will look at your sense of logic, visual thinking and your organisation skills.

Find out more about diagrammatic and spatial reasoning tests here.

Technical skills

These tests will relate directly to the role you are applying for. This may involve syntax for computer programming, data checking or mechanical questions depending on the role.

Personality and behaviour

These tests are assessing you for a cultural fit - answer honestly rather than saying what you believe the employer wants to hear. If your honest answer would get you eliminated, it is likely you would not enjoy the role. These tests give employers a profile of your interests and working style.

Find out more about personality tests here. 

Example Test Questions


In the 100m Mens Running Final, Yohan Blake finished ahead of Akani Simbine.
Yohan Blake did not place higher than Andre De Grasse
Justin Gatlin finished ahead of Andre De Grasse, but was beaten by Usain Bolt.
What place did Justin Gatlin finish in?


Which arrow comes next in this sequence?

a. b. c. d.


I can work efficiently even when my environment is disorganised

Strongly disagree | Disagree | Neutral | Agree | Strongly Agree

Visit the ‘My Careers’ tab on Blackboard to find our Psychometric Tests tool and practice.


1. Second
3. Whichever answer most applies to you

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Attending a Job Interview | Postgraduate Interviews | Assessment Centres | Psychometric Testing


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