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Develop Your Employability

003 Employability

Give yourself the best chance

Your University course is enabling you to develop skills and knowledge right now, but it’s worth remembering that you may at times be competing with others from your course or similar courses. Being successful in your career path will often mean that you need to gain experience and additional skills to give yourself an edge over your competition.

Ways to Develop your Employability

Part-Time or Summer Work

Gain experience to develop your skills whilst earning money. Remember that the skills you learn can be transferable to many areas.

Work Experience/Work Shadowing

Ask a company who offers the kind of roles you are aiming for if they would be able to give you experience in their workplace.


Develop your skills while assisting charity, youth or similar organisations. Ensure you have a look at the opportunities advertised through the Student Union.

Extra-curricular activities

Get involved in University clubs or society groups outside of your study

University Course

Take on extra projects, speak to your lecturers about opportunities they may know about to develop your skills

Home Life

Develop your skills through a hobby, work on a project, assist your friends and family in ways that relate to your degree and career path

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The Lincoln Award

Develop your Employability skills and gain recognition for your achivements whilst learning how to demonstrate your employability skills. Learn more.

Download this helpsheet as a PDF or visit the Careers & Employability Centre to get a copy of Step One: Start Your Career Journey once copies are available.


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