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Postgraduate Interviews

018 Attend Interview Assessment

Attending a Job Interview | Postgraduate Interviews | Assessment Centres | Psychometric Testing

Make an impression

Postgraduate interviews are typically less formal than job interviews, however you will still need to ensure you have done your research and have a sound understanding of what is involved in the course you have applied for. Just as in a job interview, you should also treat a postgraduate interview as an opportunity to ask questions and fully assess if the course is really for you or not. Not all courses will require you to have an interview. Take initiative - tour the department and ask questions of staff members over email if there is no interview. Ask interviewers if they want to know things you think they should know. Be enthusiastic and positive.

Sample questions

It’s important that you answer all questions thoroughly and honestly. Ensure you have listened closely to exactly what is asked, and clarify if you are unsure.

Why do you want to do this course?

This is a chance to show your enthusiasm and depth of research. Show you are prepared for the level of commitment the course will require of you and how it fits into your long-term goals.

Sample Answer:
I feel like my undergraduate course only scraped the surface of what there is to learn in this subject area. I found myself sailing through much of the workload, and hope to gain a broader understanding of my passion while being challenged.

What are your weaknesses?

When faced with questions like this, interviewers are hoping to hear that you are self aware enough to work through issues. To remain positive, identify how you are working through your weaknesses while acknowledging they exist.

Sample Answer:
I have had issues meeting deadlines previously - I have been using different methods such as my phone calendar and spreadsheets to keep on track.

What do you intend to do after completing this degree?

Show that you have clear goals that have lead you to taking this course - again, be honest about these goals.

Sample Answer:
I am taking this course with the intent to develop some specialised skills that are essential to a software developer role, however I’m also interested in learning more about where else this degree could take me and want to fully explore the subject matter instead of pigeonholing myself.

Do you have any questions for us?

It’s always good to make sure you do have a question, but ensure it is one not covered on the provider’s website or course information.

Sample Answer:
Can you please tell me more about the internship placement program associated with the course - what sort of industry links does the university have?

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Attending a Job Interview | Postgraduate Interviews | Assessment Centres | Psychometric Testing

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