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Postgraduate Interview Preparation Checklist

017 Prepare for interview assessment

Job Interview Preparation Checklist | Postgraduate Interview Preparation Checklist | Assessment Centre Preparation Checklist

Ensure you go through this checklist before attending an interview to increase your chances of success.

☐ Research
Have you researched the course and its contents thoroughly? What do you know about the university/provider and its repuation?

☐ Location and Time
Check the time and location carefully - some campuses may be difficult to navigate. Plan your route in advance, allowing extra time for delays.

☐ Transport
Unlike with some job interviews, universities are unlikely to reimburse you for travel costs. Ensure you have planned and budgeted transport arrangements.

☐ Appropriate dress
Dress smartly as you might for a job interview.

☐ Luggage
If you have travelled overnight, ensure you have a plan regarding your luggage. If you need to have it with you, check with the university if you can store it somewhere.

☐ Body language
Practice your body language including a firm introductory handshake. Practice sitting without fidgeting if it is an issue for you. Be sure you know how to appear open and confident.

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Job Interview Preparation Checklist | Postgraduate Interview Preparation Checklist | Assessment Centre Preparation Checklist

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