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Part-Time Work | Work Experience | Volunteering

Gaining part-time work whilst you are studying can be a good way to not only gain some extra money, but enhance your skills and experience. Any part-time work you do will develop transferable skills such as communication, customer service and teamwork which are useful in most careers. For this reason, It’s not vital that you gain work in the field you wish to go into after your studies. However, trying to get work in a role similar to what you hope to work towards (or being able to work closely with someone who is in the role) will allow you to gain some relevant experience and insight.

If you study full-time, it is recommended you work no more than 16 hours a week so as to not interrupt your studies. If you are a non-UK/EEA-domiciled student, there may also be further restrictions to the hours you are allowed to work. For more information, visit UKCISA or Student Support on Campus.

Careers & Employability Part-Time Work Listings

  1. University of Lincoln Careers & Employability Job Search
    The Careers & Employability website has vacancies for both Graduate and Undergraduate roles, including part-time work, placements and internships. You will need to register for an account on the system, but once you do you can also receive regular updates about vacancies that may suit you.
  2. Careers & Employability Job Shop
    Careers & Employability list part-time roles on-campus and in the local area.
  3. Job Alerts
    See the latest opportunities by signing up for Job Alerts. You can do this for both Careers & Employability website’s Vacancy system and Job Shop.
  4. Social Media
    Find opportunities in your feed by Liking us on our Facebook page our Job Shop page or follow our Job Alerts on Twitter.

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Part-Time Work | Work Experience | Volunteering

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