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Networking on Social Media

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Networking | Building Your Network | Networking on Social Media | Using LinkedIn's Alumni Feature (Video)

Social media - when used professionally - can be a great tool for networking. It’s especially helpful if you suffer some form of social anxiety as it can be less stressful than face-to-face networking. Start off by looking at your current profiles. According to research by ACAS in 2013, 45% of HR decision makers said they already used social media in recruitment, with 16% saying they planned to and CareerBuilder suggests as many as 60% were using social media in 2016. New data privacy laws may change this activity in the UK, but would you be happy with what an employer would see of you if they tried to find you online?


This is a business orientated social network which can provide opportunities to network online with professionals from all kinds of industries. It can also put you in touch with University of Lincoln Alumni. Treat your profile here as part CV, part cover letter. Get involved with groups relevant to your career path or degree, and engage with others in your desired industry of work to build your network.


Facebook can be more than a way to keep up with your friends. Many organisations have Facebook pages, and some larger companies even have pages specifically for graduate and general recruitment. These are fantastic ways for you to learn about their products/services, news and culture. It also opens up opportunities for you to engage with the business, and have them knowing your name.


On Twitter, you can analyse topics and trends within your industry of interest. You can passively observe these by simply following relevant organisations, or build on your Network by replying, re-tweeting and generally getting involved with conversations that are started by organisations and professionals. Putting thought into what you engage with can increase your network connections.

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Networking | Building Your Network | Networking on Social Media | Using LinkedIn's Alumni Feature (Video)

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