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Employer Research

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Employer Research | Further Study Research

Knowing as much as possible about an employer you wish to work with - as well as the role you hope to gain with them - helps show employers your work ethic and gives you knowledge that can set you apart from other candidates.

Where to look

News Sources

Use a search engine that allows you to focus on news stories to search for a company name, or search directly on an online news publication. This will give you an overview of recent and past developments the company has been through.

Social Media

Find out what social media channels your prospective employer is on, and find out what messages they are promoting. If you have already looked up what news stories are going on about them, this may also give you an insight as to the company’sstance on the developments. Look into mentions and reviews to see public interactions about and directly with the company to get some insight into public opinion about the company, and learn how they respond to issues.


Look for websites that allow employees of various companies to leave information about what it is like to work for the company. This will give you some insight into the culture of the company, and perhaps even the requirements of the role. If you have a contact within the company you can speak to directly, this is also a good way to gain information.

Industry sources and competitors

Knowing the market in which your prospective employer moves in will indirectly give you information about the employer - for instance, knowing about their competitors will help you know what makes your prospective employer different. Knowing industry news will help you talk about challenges and opportunities the company is facing, or may come across in future.

Company website(s)

Among displaying their most important marketing messages of the time, the company’s website may give you an overview of services that are on offer, a collection of media releases and perhaps even a mission statement and insight into the company’s ethos.

What to look for

For each of these points of information, it’s worth evaluating how your findings line up with your wants & needs - specifically in relation to the kind of employer you want to work for.

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Employer Research | Further Study Research

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