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Developing a Career Strategy

005 Developing a Strategy

Pulling together all the information you have developed in Step One, it’s time to develop an action plan to explore your goals and work towards gaining experience for your Career Goal. This will help you keep motivated and track your progress.

If you have yet to identify some potential career goals you can discuss this with a Careers & Employability Adviser. However remember that identifying some future career choices can be the aim of your action plan itself.

A careers action plan could involve the following steps:

You can download an action plan template by clicking here.

Reviewing your progress

A good time to start your review is about two weeks after you have begun. Review how far you have got towards your objective, identify any mistakes you made and what you can learn from them, look at any new ideas or opportunities that may have presented themselves and then revise your plan to incorporate these.

Writing down and sharing your plan can make it seem more achievable and provide you with the support and encouragement needed to succeed.

What your action plan might look like

This is simply an example based upon the blank template we have made for you - make your action plan in a way that suits what you are trying to achieve, and suits how you best work towards goals.

Identify what you would like to achieve

I would like to contact five employers.

When would you like to achieve this by?

End of the month.

Who will you tell to keep you accountable?

My personal tutor.

What steps do you need to take to achieve your plan?

  1. Read the CV writing guide (by next meeting with tutor).
  2. Watch the video about using CV Builder on Blackboard (by next meeting with tutor).
  3. Make my CV (by next meeting with tutor).
  4. Visit the Careers & Employability Centre to get feedback on my CV (by next meeting with tutor - set dates for next steps during this meeting).
  5. Research local employers.
  6. Identify areas I'm most interested in.
  7. Collate contact details, and make contact with five employers.

What challenges will you face and how will you overcome them?

  • I might have trouble understanding information about CVs
    I will visit or email the Careers & Employability Centre to get around any troubles I have as soon as I possibly can.
  • My CV might not get a good response from employers
    I will ask employers for feedback, and ask Careers & Employability for assistance to use this feedback.
  • I might not find any employers I am interested in
    I will try to look for things I like in employers that I might not have thought of, and contact any employers who look even vaguely OK to try and find some things I do like - or look broader than my local area, considering my options for travel/relocation.
  • I might not be able to find contact details
    I will do my best to source contact details through company websites, social media (including LinkedIn) and other methods. If I am still having trouble, I will talk this through with Careers & Employability as soon as possible.

What is your back up plan?

If I don't manage to contact five employers by the end of the month, I will contact as many as I possibly can. I will assess where I went wrong with my timings with my personal tutor, and make an action plan to try again.

Download an action plan template

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