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Dealing with Rejection

019 Acceptance and Rejection

Receiving a Job Offer | Receiving a Further Study Offer | Dealing with Rejection

Rejection at any stage of a job application process can be a troubling and hard prospect to deal with, especially if you were passionate about the role being offered. It is completely valid and normal to feel upset about being unsuccessful - but also important to learn from it and not let rejection defeat you.


Take some time to identify exactly what went wrong. If possible, send a polite note to the employer or further education provider asking for feedback. Ensure you keep this constructive and don’t argue about their decision, simply see if they can assist you with future opportunities. A positive request to an employer may even mean they keep you in mind for future roles.


Using the information you have learned from your reflection and any feedback you have received, create a plan to improve and move onto your next steps. Remember that you can always visit the Careers & Employability centre or contact us to receive assistance in building a plan or figuring out what to do next.

Go to your support network

When you are feeling rejected, it’s natural to feel like you want to isolate yourself. While difficult, it’s a healthier option to work through this feeling and surround yourself with your friends, family or supportive staff members within the University (such as Careers & Employability, or Student Wellbeing). Be open about your troubles, and you will often be surprised by the support you receive.

Find what makes you happy

Remind yourself that this is not the end of the world. Taking a moment to be thankful for even small things you enjoy can help lift your mood, and assist in motivating you to move onto more positive thoughts and actions.

Do something different

While reassessing and working towards your goals, it is easy to be caught in a routine. Find a new hobby to be passionate about, or think about investigating opportunities in a different industry. A different direction can be refreshing and constructive.

Take purposeful breaks

While it is important to get back to work quickly after facing rejection, it is equally important to take care of your mental health. Plan breaks for yourself to relax for small and purposeful amounts of time.

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Receiving a Job Offer | Receiving a Further Study Offer | Dealing with Rejection

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