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Your personal statement for further study

Throughout your statement, remain positive. Keep out words like ‘despite’ and ‘although’ - focus on what you have going for you rather than what detracts from you. This is only a suggested structure, aimed at a Masters degree. You should write what will best suit you:

Your interest in the course or research

Discuss your academic interests and passions - demonstrate knowledge, self awareness of your career goals and how they will be served by this particular course.

I am in the process of completing my final year of BA Business and Finance (Hons). After taking a core Principles of Marketing module in my first year, I have embraced every opportunity to partake in further modules that relate to marketing. After speaking at length with my lecturers, I feel that the best way to work towards my career goals would be to continue my studies in MSc Marketing here at the University of Lincoln.

Why you deserve a place in the course

Demonstrate your background experience and what you have learned from your undergraduate course - tying in particular modules from the course you wish to study in.

My work throughout my Business and Finance course has covered the basics of many marketing principles - this year I have been especially interested to delve into marketing communications and the various strengths and weaknesses of different media channels. I am an ambitious and motivated student who can bring relevant business experience to inform my further education. I believe with the help of the University of Lincoln’s MSc of Marketing I can take my education to the next level and build a career the university could be proud of.

Your interest in the provider

Show you have done your research into the reputation of the institution, and know why you are choosing to do the course there instead of elsewhere

I’d hope to continue into postgraduate study at the University of Lincoln as my experiences with its lecturers has been constructive and positive. Through speaking with them I have grown my network and gained insight into the industry. The Careers & Employability team on campus assisted me in applying for an internship which has built up my professional experience and solidified my interest in the marketing industry, and in marketing roles within the financial industry. I also understand that the University of Lincoln course offers modules concerning finance and accounting, which will allow me to take other principles I have learned in my undergraduate course and apply them to my specific area of interest.

Your ideas

If a dissertation or thesis is involved in the further study you are applying for, most providers will be interested to hear what you hope to write about.

For the dissertation core module, I am especially interested in exploring marketing communications within social media. More specifically, how effective marketing messages are when tapping into online community trends? What exactly makes audiences respond positively and why do so many companies go wrong and end up needing to go into crisis management over a simple question originally aimed to increase engagement? I am of the opinion that reviewing case studies such as Lord & Taylor’s breach of US Federal Trade Commission guidelines in 2015 and studies such as ‘An Analysis and Recommendations of the Use of Social Media within the Cooperative Extension System: Opportunities, Risks, and Barriers’ (Fuess, 2011) will form a solid basis for these studies. Modules such as Digital Marketing, Global Relationship Marketing and Brand Management will help me gain additional knowledge and inform the structure and final direction for this thesis.

Your academic preparation

Show how your undergraduate work and any other experience you have may have prepared you for this course. You may like to mention any independent work you have done as part of your studies and special topics of interest for you.

I am also interested in undertaking the degree’s offering of a Group Consultancy Project module. In addition to taking on the individual Consultancy Project module in my undergraduate degree, I have taken part in high-graded group assignments through my undergraduate degree (Upper Second Class Honours average). I have also developed my interest of being involved in teamwork through my work internship with Dejuner Accounting. This work prepared me for the academic work I would complete as part of my degree by giving me an insight into marketing for the finance and accounting industry for a local organisation that was in the midst of developing its business model to work on a global basis. I have an understanding of tapping into global markets and an MSc in Marketing would assist to solidify this learning.

Your skills

List transferable skills that will help you in study, group work or other activities and tasks that will be required of you to complete the course. Evidence these skills with examples from work or your undergraduate studies.

In addition to the teamwork skills which I have evidenced already, my undergraduate degree assisted me in the development of essential skills to this course: primarily research and creative problem solving. Much of the course work for modules such as Competition and Regulation, International Economics, and Crisis Management relied on these skills heavily. For all these modules I averaged a First Class Honours grading which I believe evidences my ability to put these skills into practice with exceptional results in this degree.

Your goals

What will the course help you achieve? What will you be able to do for the university and its reputation with what you get out of this course?

My ongoing goal is to find a career with a globally minded, large finance/accounting company and work with challenging marketing briefs. I want to find new ways to reach wide audiences and communicate big ideas. I am enthusiastic about this next step that I wish to take with the University of Lincoln.

Your lecturers will have been through this process and are a great resource for getting assistance. You can also visit the Careers & Employability Careers Clinic between 1pm and 4pm on weekdays to have an adviser review your work.

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Making a Job Application | Applications (Video) | Applying to Further Study | Personal Statements | Portfolios | Showreels

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