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This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

College of Science job search by school

We have collated useful resources for the sectors that are popular with our College of Science graduates.

School of Engineering

Have at look at the Prospects web page information about routes with an Engineering degree.

General Information on Engineering Careers

The following organisations are a great source of information about careers in Engineering.

Where to look for Engineering Jobs

The following websites are a great place to search for Engineering vacancies-

Life Sciences

Search the below subject areas to find out what careers options you have with your degree.


Most biochemists are employed as researchers in universities, research institutes and large companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals. Small companies also employ biochemists to provide specialist services, such as toxicological studies. Many also work for:

Morson International,The Scientific Division of Morson International supplies both temporary and permanent scientists from a broad range of disciplines including Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental and Biosciences. Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Maths and other Science Jobs within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Environmental, Forensics and related UK industries.


Look at the Prospects pages to find careers options with degrees in Chemistry and Forensic Science.

Forensic Work Experience

It can be challenging gaining work experience with forensic companies or scenes of crime. If you enquire about it be prepared for knock-backs due to health and safety legislation and to the nature of the work.

However, there are plenty of work experience opportunities to be had that will benefit you when applying to forensic roles.

  • Hospital labs- NHS or private
  • Any lab work- in university or elsewhere
  • Shadowing a scientist, pathologist etc
  • Voluntary work for the Police, CPS etc; contact HR of your local force to enquire about opportunities- forces are beginning to rely heavily on volunteers
  • Become a Special Constable
  • Archaeological digs
  • Work with insurance companies on claims investigation
  • Banks- fraud security
  • HMRC
  • Health and Safety (Labs or Executive)

Computer Science


Maths and Physics