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CEOx1Day success for the University of Lincoln

Two University of Lincoln students have won a national competition to shadow a top CEO for a day.

Following a rigorous six-month application and selection process, with support from the University’s Careers and Employability team, students Isabelle Mettan-Ure and Hawah Nanyonga, obtained two of the 21 places available to students across the country.

The national competition, CEOx1Day, organised by Odgers Berndtson gives the chance for undergraduate students from any UK University to shadow top CEO’s. This year’s line-up includes CEO’s from Visa, ITV, Barnardo’s and University of Lincoln’s Vice-Chancellor, Mary Stuart to name a few. University of Lincoln student Isabelle Mettan-Ure has won the chance to shadow Odgers Berndtson’s very own CEO Kester Scrope.

The competition provides the successful students with an excellent opportunity to gain a real understanding of the responsibilities involved in leading some of Britain’s top organisations, in addition to learning from top leaders. In turn, CEOs can gain an insight into what drives the next generation of business leaders.

“This is about opening doors at a very high level to talented young people from a mix of backgrounds who might otherwise lack such opportunities,” said Mark Freebairn, who runs CEOx1Day for Odgers Berndtson in the UK.

University of Lincoln students Hawah and Isabelle, winners of the national competition

Hawah Nanyonga, one of the successful finalists, gained direct support with her competition application from the University’s Careers and Employability Service and is delighted to take up the opportunity.

The selection day went very well, after an introduction we started with a group discussion on Brexit, climate change and the salaries of ceo's. The different challenges in the selection day helped me learn more about working with new people in a short period of time. Later on, there was feedback on our assessments which was very insightful to see what strengths I could use more often and what I could improve on if placed in a leadership position.”

Hawah continuedI would like to thank the careers team for being a place that was open and friendly as well as providing me with the support I needed because at first I was very nervous.” The University of Lincoln’s Careers and Employability Service, ranked 16th in the UK, provides guidance, advice and skills development support for all University of Lincoln students in achieving their future career goals. Students can access support by dropping into the Careers Centre, ground floor of the Library between 9am- 4.30pm Monday- Friday or E: