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Brand New CV Tool: Get Instant Feedback and Increase Your Chances of Securing an Interview!

We’ve just launched a brand new AI CV review tool CV360, which provides instant, detailed feedback on your CV. Just upload your file, receive a score out of 100 and a full report on what’s good about your CV already and what you could improve.

It’s free, super quick and easy to use, and gives you an insight into what employers are seeing when your CV comes across their desk. The tool also tests for how your CV will be read by computerised checking systems which can often prove tricky to get past in that first application stage. 

If you have a job you’re applying for, or if you want to get prepared for your job search, use CV360 to increase your chances of getting through to the interview stage. 

Once you’ve scored 70 or more on CV360, you can book a Careers Clinic appointment with one of our friendly Advisors for more personalised advice. 

Just log in here with your University ID to get started.