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Women in Consulting Insight Day

Accenturebreektdoorgrensvan100_000vrouwen-10752Accenture are delighted to share the opportunity to join them for their Women in Consulting Insight Day at their London office. They will be holding a series of insight days to promote their Consulting programme, with start dates from January 2018 onwards.

This exciting event is aimed at final year students and graduates interested in working with one of the most advanced technology consulting companies, to deliver innovative solutions for clients across a range of industries, globally.

You will hear from an Accenture Managing Director or Senior Manager and engage a panel of analysts and consultants as they talk about the dynamic projects they have worked on and provide insights on building a successful career at Accenture.

To attend, you will need to submit a written online application and pass a short, digital interview. Should you succeed, you will be fast tracked to an assessment centre on the day, with the opportunity to secure your place on our Consulting programme.

You will need to have achieved a minimum 2:1 in your degree (any discipline) and 340 UCAS points across your top 3 A-levels to be eligible.

For information about the criteria for the programme and to book your place on our Women in Consulting Insight Day, please click here: Women In Consulting Insight Day

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