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The Lincolnshire Police Lincoln Award

The Lincolnshire Police Lincoln Award is an exciting partnership initiative between Careers and Employability and Lincolnshire Police. Launched in 2015, it offers volunteering opportunities in a police environment as part of the bespoke version of the University of Lincoln's Lincoln Award.

This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.


The Lincoln Award is an employability framework designed to support, enhance and recognise extra-curricular activity for students.  It offers you training courses, qualifications and workshops to develop skills and future employment prospects. It also requires you to complete a volunteer element.

By undertaking the Lincolnshire Police Lincoln Award, you will commit to volunteer at least 100 hours a year.  This is more than double the usual number of hours. In return the award offers you:

  • police enquiry office training
  • a programme of talks by various police specialists
  • the opportunity to visit a police station
  • interaction with local police officers and PCSOs
  • interview experience with our staff

The scheme offers two pathways to achieving the award by volunteering in a drop-in centre or as a Volunteer PCSO (VPCSO).

Open week commencing  17th October

 Every Thursday 1pm – 4pm – Library Foyer

Every Friday 1pm – 4pm – Minerva Building Foyer

Drop-In Centre

A drop-in centre, run by students, provides a police station enquiry office facility on campus where students and staff can: 

  • report a crime
  • report noise and anti-social behaviour
  • hand in found property
  • get advice on how best to ensure the safety of possessions         

By volunteering in the drop-in centre, you will be a Lincolnshire Police Support Volunteer and will be required to commit 100 hours over one academic year.

A cohort of 11 students managed the drop-in centre in the first year of the scheme and actively promoted the service to fellow students.  Some of their activities and achievements included:

  • improving accessibility by setting up in different locations on campus
  • featured on the Lincoln School of Journalism news programme
  • lecture shout-outs 
  • even donning the Bobby Bear outfit to get the message out to the wider student population


Volunteer PCSO

The Award offers flexibility by providing a second pathway as a VPCSO, a role unique to Lincolnshire. It offers two students the opportunity to carry out the highly visible, uniformed role of VPCSO over two academic years.  

You will commit to 250 hours over the two years including 10 days initial training over five weekends.  You will get to go out on patrol with an experienced PCSO or police officer and attend different events and policing initiatives.  

Training includes an introduction to legislation, procedures, health and safety, use of the Airwaves radio and personal safety training.  The role gives you the opportunity to experience all the different facets of community policing alongside a local policing team.

You must complete all elements of the Lincoln Award and the Careers and Employability team are there to guide you through. The aim is to develop and refine the core skills and competencies that improve your employability.  The award will help you stand out from the crowd when you move into the employment market.

If you are considering a future career in the police, both of these pathways can offer you a valuable and unique insight into policing.

How to apply

You have the opportunity to join the Lincolnshire Police Lincoln Award each semester for the drop-in centre role and in Semester 2 for the VPCSO role.

Expressions of interest will be via the Student Union volunteer services team. 

  • Expressions of Interest by October 2nd 2017
  • Compulsory Information Event on October 5th 2017, 5:30pm – MB0302

Competition for limited places is strong.

Note: These opportunities are open only to University of Lincoln students as and when advertised by the Students Union.


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