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Lincoln Award International

This section of the website is devoted to live Q&A sessions with our own advisers or external employers. We will promote the Live Q&A’s in advance and you can also access session archives below.

Welcome to the Lincoln Award International; a tailored scheme to enhance the employability of International students. The Lincoln Award is an employability framework designed to support students to develop and learn how to demonstrate their employability skills. To get started, come visit the Careers & Employability Centre or book your International Induction through our Events page.

Award Structure

LA 2017 Structure - International


On the award we will support you to;

  • get involved in activities
  • reflect on your experiences
  • test your skills to pass the Assessment Centre Experience

Whether you are staying in the UK, returning home or working internationally when you graduate, make sure you are prepared and confident in communicating your skills to graduate employers.

Alumni Ambassador Information

The University of Lincoln is developing an exciting network of enthusiastic and committed International Alumni Ambassadors around the world, to support and promote the University in their home country.

Becoming an Alumni Ambassador is a fantastic opportunity to represent the University in your home country and enhance your profile and career.

The Lincoln Award will support you building the skills you will need to become an International Alumni Ambassador for the University of Lincoln. These skills can be used by you in your career and we recommend that experience in the following would be useful:

  • Demonstrate experience in the planning and delivery of an event
  • Demonstrate experience in dealing with people - for example the general public or students
  • Completion of the Committee/Rep training will provide valuable skills for an Alumni Ambassador.

Pathway Assessment

You will complete your Pathway Assessment at Induction. You will be supported to complete our Skills Assessment which will help you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your skills and attributes. Your results will help you to decide which activities you may like to take up on the award. The Adviser will support you to think about your options and provide details of relevant activities.

The appointment will also allow you to ask questions about the skills assessment and your adviser will talk through those skills specific to you as an International Student as well as the activities available to you throughout the award.

Pathway Reflection

The Pathway Reflection Session is part of the final stage of the Lincoln Award. This stage should be completed before the Assessment Centre Experience. It is important that when you have completed all of your activities you come to a Lincoln Award drop-in with your completed booklet to book this appointment.

A Pathway Reflection is a 60 minute group session. When you book onto this session you will be sent some preparation to do- this is not time consuming but it is vital you complete this before the session. When you arrive you will be supported to complete a follow up Skills Assessment to review your progress and identify further areas for development. The rest of the session is used to prepare you for the Assessment Centre Experience. Using video, information and group activities we will support you in how to demonstrate your skills to employers. This session will help prepare you for graduate recruitment; focusing on interviews and assessment centres.


To complete the award you will need to have 40 hours of extra curricular activities, 2 International activities, 2 chosen activities and 3 academic subject activities. All activities can be counted and backdated from your course start date.

Assessment Centre Experience

The Lincoln Award Assessment Centre is a 3 hour event which will include a group exercise, a written exercise and a short interview. The experience will be based on what you would typically expect at any graduate assessment centre and will prepare you for future graduate recruitment. Each assessment centre will be run with an employer so it is as realistic as possible. You will be sent preparation information - this will involve researching the employer but not preparing for any tasks.

You will be scored on all activities and you must meet the pass mark in order  to complete the Lincoln Award. You will receive an email with the outcome of the Assessment Centre within one working day. Feedback on your performance in all areas will be available. If you fail the Assessment Centre you will be supported at a one-to-one appointment with an Adviser to discuss your feedback. You will also be able to attend one more Assessment Centre to attempt to pass and complete the Lincoln Award.

All Assessment Centre experiences will run with an employer who currently recruits graduates so the feedback you receive will reflect the current labour market

What is in the Assessment Centre Experience

Group Exercise

You will be given a task and an amount of time. You must follow the brief and complete the task within the given time. You will be watched by assessors throughout who will be observing your behaviour and scoring you on your competencies such as; teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Written Exercise

You will be given a written exercise and an amount of time. This is an individual exercise and you must follow the instructions and complete the tasks. These may include exercises such as in-tray or prioritising tasks, proofing some writing for mistakes or asking you to write a summary based on information. These exercises are usually designed to test skills such as; ability to prioritise, attention to detail and written communication skills.

Short Interview

You will take part in a short interview. This will be competency based questions and you will be scored on most areas covered in your Skills Assessment. As in any interview you will need to communicate specific examples and remember to use STAR technique! Completing the Lincoln Award International will allow you to take part in the Alumni Ambassador Interview as part of the Assessment Centre.

Alumni Ambassador Interview

This interview is for the opportunity to represent the University of Lincoln as an Alumni Ambassador in your home country. For this interview you will be given a generic question prior to the interview and asked to make a 5 minute presentation about the topic. You will then be asked follow up questions by a representative from the Alumni Office and Careers Team.

You will be supported throughout the Lincoln Award to attempt the Assessment Centre and you will receive full feedback afterwards.