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The graduate labour market has never been more competitive – the recession, uncertainty, instability and cautious graduate recruiters combined with a tremendous increase in the number of graduates leaving Universities, has resulted in an increasing requirement for students to engage in the career planning earlier in their University career. It is now widely accepted that a degree is not enough in its own right. In recognition of this, we have created our easy to use guide, in our Career planning timeline. This factors in all that you need to do to success in the modern graduate labour market.

Fundamentally, in your final year of study here, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, many graduate opportunities have closing dates of December and January, meaning that the first semester of your final year will be consumed with application forms and interviews/ assessment centres.

Most companies now explicitly suggest they are looking for a wealth of experience, not just the degree. If we therefore work backwards, it is critical that during the years and or months leading up to this final year, you spend the time gaining work experience, developing your employability skills, understanding the opportunities, and understanding your own interests, abilities, skills and attributes.

Our timeline, will take you through each stage and offer you advice, guidance and support through our own resources and a wealth of external websites and tools that will help you achieve your full potential and career ambitions. In essence, this is your ultimate guide to fulfil your ambitions and to career success!

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