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Daiwa Scholarships 2018


The Daiwa Scholarship is a unique 19-month programme of language study, work placement and homestay in Japan, following a month of Japanese tuition in the UK. Daiwa Scholarships offer young and talented UK citizens with strong leadership potential the opportunity to acquire Japanese language skills and to access expertise and knowledge relevant to their career goals.

No previous experience of Japan or Japanese is necessary.

The Daiwa Scholarship programme was established by The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in 1991. Aimed at British graduates and future leaders in their fields, it was inspired by the belief that contact between young people would foster mutual understanding and support the long-term relationship between Britain and Japan.

Since the programme began, 165 Scholars have benefited from the Scholarship. The Foundation will select up to six new Daiwa Scholars in April 2018.


Candidates must be:

Candidates should be:

*Graduates in Japanese language studies are not eligible to apply for Daiwa Scholarships but may wish to apply for support through the Foundation’s grant schemes or the Daiwa Scholarships in Japanese Studies.

Programme Structure

Daiwa Scholarships 2018 last approximately 20 months, starting in August 2018 and finishing at the end of March 2020. The selected Daiwa Scholars will undertake a month of Japanese language study in the UK during August before moving to Japan in mid-September for the remainder of the Scholarship.

Application Procedure

Apply online completing the application form available from In addition, candidates must supply three confidential reference letters in sealed envelopes by the application deadline.

Applications and references must reach the Foundation by Thursday 7 December 2017. There are three stages to the interview process which is based at Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London.

Stage 1: The preliminary selection of candidates will take place during January 2018. Candidates will be notified whether or not they are invited to a Stage 1 interview, which will take place during in early to mid-February 2018.

Stage 2: Candidates who successfully pass Stage 1 will be invited to a lunch at Daiwa Foundation Japan House in mid to late February 2018. Candidates will be notified whether they are invited to Stage 3 interview shortly afterwards.

Stage 3: The final shortlist of candidates will be interviewed by the Trustees in March 2018. Candidates will be notified of the final outcome soon afterwards.


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