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Oluwaseun Michael Apanisile

Name: Oluwaseun Michael Apanisile
Year of graduation: 2016
Company: British Steel
Job Title: Graduate Mechanical Engineer


My journey through the University of Lincoln was quite interesting and fulfilling. Being consistent with my academic work was priority for me, nonetheless I took out time to do a convenient part-time job and I also volunteered for a social group (the Career Focus Group). My part time job did give me some money as a student but more importantly it thought me more about customer service. My social group on the other hand taught me more on working on with a team. These two qualities are sort after by employers and my CV leveraged on them.

Employment Experience

British Steel is unique and I love it there. Every graduate employed is placed on a two years’ scheme which is designed to ensure the graduate is well built for the business and she/he appreciate the values of team effort.

The scheme is divided into four rotations, each of 6months. I am nearly at the end of my first rotation, and I currently work with the mechanical engineers on my plant to ensure; proper maintenance of all mechanical equipment, improvement in operations and safety ethics at work. My second quarter will take me to another plant on site, where I will be working on another field of mechanical engineering. At the end of the two years, I hope to have built enough competencies to handle engineering tasks independently as a mechanical engineer.

Using University of Lincoln's Career Services

A key thing I got from relating with members of staff at the Careers and Employability department in Lincoln is self-confidence. I must commend this department for the hospitality, patience and apt response they give. I was shown so much optimism for my abilities and it boosted my self-confidence which is key for a job seeker.

Best Career Advice

As an international student, one thing that helped me was starting early. I didn’t get a positive response from all my job application and interviews, but starting early gave me enough time to try again and again. Utilizing the Careers Service will help in drafting a good CV and with loads of information on job openings tailored for your career. So conclusively, start early, be well informed, do not relent until you get a good job.

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