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Mark Orchard

Mark Orchard

Name: Mark Orchard
Year of graduation: 2016
Company: AstraZeneca
Job Title: Therapy Account Specialist


I chose to study Biology as it’s the subject I enjoyed most at A-level. However, as I progressed through my degree I found myself leaning towards the more medical modules such as Immunology and Haematology. I considered graduate-entry medicine and undertook a few placements but decided against this due to the vast amount of commitment it required. Upon graduation I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to get into but knew it had to involve medical science in some aspect. I took the summer to enjoy some holidays and downtime as well as read a book on pharmaceutical sales having spoken to a few people on LinkedIn who recommended it and then applied for three jobs in pharma. AstraZeneca was the first job I applied to and the one I wanted the most, and after passing numerous interviews I got the job in October

Employment Experience

My day consists of driving to surgeries in my territory (East and South Lincolnshire) and presenting to doctors and nurses on the respiratory portfolio we have here at AstraZeneca. A typical day may consist of a morning talking to pharmacists and sharing information with nurses, a lunch meeting at a surgery where I bring food and present to the respiratory team, and an afternoon spent speaking to other doctors and nurses about the support I can offer followed by planning for the next day and replying to any emails I’ve received. Having come straight out of university into this job which ‘required’ 3-5 years pharmaceutical sales experience the support has been phenomenal and I couldn’t recommend the company highly enough. The work is very challenging but if you’re someone who has ambition and a passion for medical science as well as the ability to present confidently to medical experts the rewards are vast and the benefits are some of the best imaginable, especially for someone fresh out of university

Using University of Lincoln's Career Services

Services Used: Suzanne Catterson + Elizabeth Rundle advice services

The careers team are an excellent resource and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Lizzie’s presentations on CV’s gave me a solid foundation on how to go about putting one together, whilst numerous one-to-ones with Suzanne really helped me refine it in a way that got me an interview offer from all of the three jobs I applied to.

Best Career Advice

Use the careers service and don’t be afraid to apply for jobs just because you lack one or two of their requirements, so long as you can make up for it when it comes to interview.

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