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Hannah Corrall

Name: Hannah Corrall
Year of graduation: 2014 (BSc) 2016 (MSc)
LGC Limited
Job Title:
Forensic Drugs Reporting Officer


I have always been passionate about science, specifically chemistry, but the forensic science course gripped my interest because of not only its analytical nature but its problem solving and innovative applications. I continued my interest in forensics and forensic chemistry into my masters degree and knew that I wanted to enter into a job that could allow me to continue working in this area. Drug analysis within forensic science is very prevalent right now, especially with new legislation being brought out every six months due to the ever-­‐changing markets, and I am proud to be a part of that.

Employment Experience

Each day in the drugs lab is different as the job entails a lot. The job role covers everything from continuity of items, screening analysis, presumptive testing, confirmatory testing, writing forensic reports and witness statements, daily communication with our purity, submissions, returns and administration teams as well as written and verbal communication with police officers and custody officers. I have been lucky enough to get myself involved in some method development work around the laboratory too.

Best Career Advice

My advice to anyone looking for a job post-­‐university would be to make sure that you are passionate about the job that you are applying for as it really comes across in your application and interview process. Know everything that there is to know about that field and you will be okay! In addition I found it really helpful to sign up to as many recruitment companies as possible, as they helped me to figure out exactly what it was I was looking for in terms of salary, location and the job role itself. Finally my advice would be to be patient. If you work hard then the jobs will find you.

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