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3 ‘Coffee & Cake’ Workshops For Each Of The 3 Years You Are Studying Here


Your Students' Union and the University of Lincoln has partnered with financial education specialists WEALTH at work to offer a unique opportunity to University of Lincoln students – 3 ‘coffee & cake’ workshops for each of the 3 years you are studying here.

Managing money whilst at university has become increasingly challenging for students across the UK. Having financial issues could not only impact your student life, but could also stay with you when you start your career. Graduating from university is likely to be your main focus; however, avoiding financial problems and finding your dream job are likely to be equally important.

Attending 3 of the workshop sessions will count towards one 'Chosen Activity' for your Lincoln Award.

Each session is just 45 minutes, interesting, interactive and fun.   Here's what last year's student attendees said "Very beneficial, I would advise peers to attend"  "Interesting, factual and incredibly helpful, well presented and friendly"

Here are the links to book your place and find out more -

Year 1 Students - Funding the Fairy Tale –  24th and 25th October

This coffee and cake session has been created specifically for students in their first year of University. The purpose is to give you the essential information that is needed to manage your money whilst studying.

To book your place now, please click here.

Year 2 Students - The Cost of your Noble Quest

This session is ideal for students who are in their second year of university and will cover:

To book your place now, please click here.

Year 3 Students - Happily Ever After

This session will cover some of the key financial information that could be useful to students who are in their final year and looking to the next step.

To book your place now, please click here.

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